About us

Dnod is a leading Saudi company providing data analytics and process automation services and solutions to businesses in the KSA and around the world.

Data Analytics Portfolio

We help customers and organizations become data-driven and empowered to make informed, timely, and accurate decisions based on data and analytics by combining cutting-edge data analytics technologies with Dnod’s best-in-class expertise and services.

Advise & Architect

Help customers set an analytic vision that aligns the business and IT to evaluate new technologies:
  • Data Analytics strategy
  • Business & Analytics Capability Review
  • Business & Analytics Roadmap
  • Business & Analytics Governance
  • Ecosystem Architecture Definition

Design & Implement

Design and implement analytic echo system and the underlying data and platforms:
  • Data Acquisition and Integration
  • Data Design and Access
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Bl and Data Visualization
  • Advanced Analytics& Data Science
  • Software development

Optimize & Manage

Support customer’s analytic ecosystems and drive continuous improvement:
  • Managed Development & Optimization
  • Analytics Applications Support & Operations
  • Business Continuity
  • Analytics as a Service

Process Automation

We help customers and organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey by combining cutting-edge process automation technologies from Nintex with Dnod’s best-in-class expertise and services.


Mine & Identify

Tasks And Processes Utilizing Advanced AI To Understand How Work Gets Done


Document & Map

Business Processes With Tools, Process Owners And Participants


Forms & Mobile Apps

Sophisticated Forms For All Stakeholders, In Office Or On-The-Go


Advanced Processes For People, Data, And Documents

Doc Gen

Documents With Key Data And Automation Quickly And Easily


Speed And Volume By Mimicking Most Human-Computer Interactions


Documents With Signature-Based Workflows



Analytics Automation Performance And Gain Insight With Process Intelligence

Our Services

Data Analytics

Discover the power of data-driven insights through our advanced data analytics service. Enhance business potential, streamline decision-making, and boost growth by transforming data into actionable intelligence.

Big Data & EDW

Unlock your data’s full potential with our advanced Big Data and EDW solutions. Enhance decision-making with real-time insights, fast processing, and predictive analytics. Scale and adapt to dynamic market demands.

Data Management

Experience unmatched data control with our advanced Data Management Solutions, Enhance your data workflow, ensure security, and boost productivity. Leverage powerful analytics and smart insights to unlock your data’s full potential.

Business Intelligence

Unlock business potential, leveraging cutting-edge analytics today, Empower growth and boost productivity with unparalleled data insights, and let data-driven decisions elevate your business and support your growth strategies.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover AI-powered solutions customized for your needs, transforming businesses with innovative breakthroughs. Experience seamless integration and maximized efficiency, revolutionizing your world through AI realization.

Machine Learning

Unlock the future by revolutionizing decision-making and predictions through tailored solutions. Enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer experience with real-time data insights to outperform rivals and redefine your market niche.

Process Automation

Embrace automation to redefine your workflow, streamline processes, reduce errors, enhance productivity and boost efficiency. Accelerate your digital transformation with innovative hyper automation solutions from Nintex.

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A Word From The CEO

“ I would like to reiterate our commitment at Dnod to deliver world-class data analytics and process automation solutions at scale with the local Saudi flavor that would perfectly meet the expectations of our respectful customers, and would make their digital transformation journey yet a memorable, enjoyable, risk-free and successful one ”

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